Hydropower and Climate Change

“American Rivers supports the continued operation of most hydropower projects.”

“We have a long history of working with dam owners to improve the operations of projects, achieving successes for ratepayers, the economy, and the environment. We also advocate for the removal of outdated or unsafe dams whose costs outweigh their benefits.”

“The focus on hydropower in the coming years must not be on building new dams, but instead on maximizing efficiency, responsible operation, and environmental performance.”

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Aquaculture Opportunity Areas

“Federal waters off Southern California and in the Gulf of Mexico were chosen first based on the potential to host sustainable commercial aquaculture.”

Image: NOAA

“Identifying Aquaculture Opportunity Areas is an opportunity to use best-available global science-based guidance on sustainable aquaculture management, and support the “triple bottom line” of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This approach has been refined and utilized widely within states and by other countries with robust, sustainable aquaculture sectors.” Read Article


“NOAA has directives to preserve ocean sustainability and facilitate domestic aquaculture in the U.S. through the National Aquaculture Act of 1980, the NOAA Marine Aquaculture Policy, and Executive Order 13921, “Promoting American Seafood Competitiveness and Economic Growth” (May 7, 2020). NOAA has a variety of proven science-based tools and strategies that can support these directives and help communities thoughtfully consider how and where to sustainably develop offshore aquaculture that will complement wild-capture fisheries, working waterfronts, and our nation’s seafood processing and distribution infrastructure.” Learn More

Agriculture Resilience Act

“We commend Rep. Chellie Pingree for introducing the bi-partisan Agricultural Resilience Act. This bill is a positive step toward building the soil health that is critical for our future. Restoring soil carbon, reducing fertilizer use, and cover cropping are all necessary for building a resilient and equitable food system while addressing the consequences of the climate crisis. The Sierra Club supports this major step forward for climate smart agriculture, pasture based livestock, reductions in food waste, and state level initiatives to improve soil health.” Press Release

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Santa Clara River is “Last of its kind”

“Over the past 20 years, millions of dollars have been invested to protect and restore the river, work that some say has reached a tipping point.”

“Groups including the Santa Clara River Conservancy are looking at ways to ramp up restoration and start to open up areas to the public. People have had little access to the river winding through their communities.”

Image credit: Anthony Plascencia, Ventura County Star | Above: Santa Clara River Estuary, Canva


“In the early 2000s, the Hedrick Ranch near Santa Paula, now owned by Friends of the Santa Clara River, became one of the first project sites. In the years since, the Coastal Conservancy and other state agencies have given grants to a nonprofit partner, The Nature Conservancy, which has acquired roughly 19 miles. Now, the focus is shifting. After 18 years of buying up properties, The Nature Conservancy and Coastal Conservancy are talking about prioritizing public access projects.”

“About a decade ago, a plan was developed to create a parkway that ran the length of the Ventura County side of the river. But with a patchwork of private and publicly-owned lands, some said that may not be practical in short term. Instead, there may a mix of open spots and others that remain private. In the long term, groups said they could look at ways to connect those spots.” Full Article